Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amazing Energy Group !

Weekend Testers !!

Attended STC on 19 Nov 09 ........and you should have been there to hear from Ajay B on the thought wave called "Weekend Testers" ...........what a redention of thoughts !! was a housefull and had a standing ovation from many including Michael Bolton !!

Great Going Folks !!

Lets be the leaders towards making the change the world needs ........."THINKING TESTERS" !!


Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Thanks a lot Meeta !!!

"Weekend Testers" thanks you for your support, feedback and interest.

Thanks once again.

Ajay Balamurugadas
(On Behalf of Weekend Testers)

Meeta Prakash said...

Keep up the energy and good work !!
Its not going to be so easy to change the mindsets .....
Goodluck !