Monday, April 30, 2012

Testability of Thoughts, Thought Process and Actions : Musings

Testability of Thoughts, Thought Process and Actions : Musings

Was going through my old blog posts and realized that there are so many times I come back to say I am re-starting or starting something new. I do few things for a while on my blog and then I again vanish. I observe that this shows in kind of a pattern in my writing.

There are a few things that I further realized when I started analysing this self pattern in activity.

Did I ever loose focus ?
No. But there were things in life that took a greater priority than blogging at that instance of time. But yes, I have never deviated from personal goal sheet of learning.

Did I stop my learning ?
No. Actually I spent my time more in learning something that was needed to enhance my skill sets. I was open to take up most difficult and challenging situations and that left me little time for many things which further forced prioritization and re-prioritization of many tasks that I do on personal note.

Did I stop being consistent ?
No. Consistency was persistent in my thought process as well as personal actions. But the focus was self development rather than blogging. Time availability added to the challenge.

Did I stop my innovative mind to think about new things ?
No. The new things thought and learnt were used somewhere else and the results were successful.

Did I procrastinate publishing my writings ?
Yes. There are umpteen writings that exist in my draft folder and just need the final polish to be published.

Did I procrastinate writing itself ?
To an extent, Yes. Writing moved out of my priority goal sheet and was replaced with heavy weightage to learning more in every possible aspect and dimension.
Am I sharing enough of my learning's ?
Not at all. Most of my learning's are learning's with myself. They are being shared verbally only with people who comeback and insistently seek individually.

So here I am with more determined 2012 and pulling active writing back into my goal sheet :)
And this time it is with focus to bring up the learning's of last 15 years well spent with Testing as my eat, drink and sleep agenda.