Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 : A year gone by!

2012 was one of the worst year of my life.
It uprooted me in many ways. Shook my belief in lot of things around me.
Left me emotionally broken. It has been difficult to gather one self and face the ultimate truth of life. Face the fact of death of someone very near and dear to you.

Time is the only healer for such a situation. It gives you strength to re-coop. To gather yourself. Continue on the life with a mega void that has been created.

I also realized how lonely you get in your time of grief. None other than you can relate to the situation you are in. Everyone feels it is their right to advise and it your duty to adhere to that advise. It is so easier said than done when people tell you to be strong :(
So many perspectives of my viewpoint about life have changed in this last one year!

I hope that 2013 will bring in better days, a better me and a better vision from me for multiple things around me !!