Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preview on HP Manual Runner

I had an opportunity to do a sneak preview of an upcoming HP Testing tool called Manual Runner this week.
The key USP's I liked of the tool were for Exploratory testing and for multi browser combo's & environment settings.
These would give a significantly good reusability and result in magnitude of saving leading to a considerable impact on ROI improvement.

Key Features -
  • Can work as stand alone as well as with QC. There are many other options on how it can be used
  • Record every activity you do as test on the fly
  • Creates manual test cases step wise as in linked to QC
  • Captures screen shots of every entry
  • Defects can be called out, separately captured and showcased with annotations
  • Perfect for unit testers as they explore and finalize the testcases towards functionality fitment
  • Very helpful for regression testers
  • Most usable - Can open mutiple virtual machines and run the same test from primary host to multiple secondary hosts having different environments simultaneously.
  • All results can be captured at the primary host level
  • Can link to QC same as any other HP Tool

There are multiple suggestions given on enhancement and now I wait to beta test it !!

Yet to see final version of it to take it to clients.......

Frustrations of testing a product where there are no validations built in

Last Saturday (10 Apr 2010) I joined the EWT session to test a site. This was calculations around the parking meter for parking in the premises of his space.

My results are as below ....

Matt's Blog has one good write up on the same

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The new year .... to do or not to do !

Opened the blogspot today and realize that no posts this whole year and a quarter gone !! Hah !!

So here I am ......Let me talk a little about the fear(s) I have faced as questions from fresher's setting feet into world of software testing ........
  • I aways wanted to be a programmer...they pushed me to do testing ....this is not what I want to do ....... when can I get a change from here

And mind you .......this guy as yet does not even know what is meant by the 'T' in testing !!

  • Do I really have a career in testing ?

Did he not know that all companies have an independent vertical on testing now ??

  • Will I really have an opportunity to do something nice as 'tester' ?

You need to taste the sweet before you can comment on degree of sweetness in the same.

  • Do you think this is a respectable job profile ?

Why do you think so ? Did you not read basic softare engineering while at tech school ?

I'll answer these in the next post ..... with my opinion around these qs !!