Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preview on HP Manual Runner

I had an opportunity to do a sneak preview of an upcoming HP Testing tool called Manual Runner this week.
The key USP's I liked of the tool were for Exploratory testing and for multi browser combo's & environment settings.
These would give a significantly good reusability and result in magnitude of saving leading to a considerable impact on ROI improvement.

Key Features -
  • Can work as stand alone as well as with QC. There are many other options on how it can be used
  • Record every activity you do as test on the fly
  • Creates manual test cases step wise as in linked to QC
  • Captures screen shots of every entry
  • Defects can be called out, separately captured and showcased with annotations
  • Perfect for unit testers as they explore and finalize the testcases towards functionality fitment
  • Very helpful for regression testers
  • Most usable - Can open mutiple virtual machines and run the same test from primary host to multiple secondary hosts having different environments simultaneously.
  • All results can be captured at the primary host level
  • Can link to QC same as any other HP Tool

There are multiple suggestions given on enhancement and now I wait to beta test it !!

Yet to see final version of it to take it to clients.......

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