Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The new year .... to do or not to do !

Opened the blogspot today and realize that no posts this whole year and a quarter gone !! Hah !!

So here I am ......Let me talk a little about the fear(s) I have faced as questions from fresher's setting feet into world of software testing ........
  • I aways wanted to be a programmer...they pushed me to do testing ....this is not what I want to do ....... when can I get a change from here

And mind you .......this guy as yet does not even know what is meant by the 'T' in testing !!

  • Do I really have a career in testing ?

Did he not know that all companies have an independent vertical on testing now ??

  • Will I really have an opportunity to do something nice as 'tester' ?

You need to taste the sweet before you can comment on degree of sweetness in the same.

  • Do you think this is a respectable job profile ?

Why do you think so ? Did you not read basic softare engineering while at tech school ?

I'll answer these in the next post ..... with my opinion around these qs !!


Sharath Byregowda said...

Excellent questions Meeta.
I have heard these questions as well. In fact I had similar questions like this when I started with software testing.
At least in India I feel testing is still looked upon as an activity anybody could perform. There could be a lot of reasons for this. Let me list some from my own experience
• None of us are introduced to software testing in college.
• All labs, projects, presentations, workshops in college favored software development.
• We saw “n” number of institutes claiming to teach software testing in 10-30 days. How can any one learn software testing in 10 days? If it is possible it has to be pretty straight forward right?
• Anyone who was bad at development was moved into testing. I am sure most of them would have become *great testers today, simply because they could write bad code. [*automation is a must to have skill]
• I have seen developers who got married move into testing because they feel testing is much easy and they could go home earlier :)
• A number of organizations look upon testing as a final activity because a client asks for it.
• The standard process and best practices defined.
• Bad interviewers
And most importantly
• Tester’s inability to test.

I am sure I can think of a lot more reasons why questions such as the one you have posted crop up. Will keep posting more :) (I feel we can have something like 101 myths to not take up software testing :)

Meeta Prakash said...

Awesome idea ...lets compile it then !!