Sunday, May 23, 2010

HP IGNITE at Goa - 19 May to 21 May 2010

Attended HP IGNITE at Goa - 19 May to 21 May 2010.
beautiful venue, beautiful stay, well charted program..... Very good folks ....
This was a partner connect and met myriad of people across industry from India and HP in particular.

Was not so impressed by the tools and solutions they show cased as upcoming from HP. My own current employer has much better solutions that we are using for years now. HP has just started to think about them :(...........and I realized there are many more areas where they have not yet started thinking. ( Sat through sessions wondering .....WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP THEY CLAIM)

Was not even impressed on the tools presentation side. Just a high level theory and probably a few snapshots (only for limited cases) did not satisfy my appetite. Would have loved if they had some trial versions or Kiosks available to immediately try out the tools and give a first hand feedback to the HP leadership present there.

The questions I had around ROI benefits from using some of the upcoming tools specially Agile testing ones, did not get me satisfactory answer. I directly spoke around these to Noam Sharon who heads their R&D and Roi Carmel who heads the architecture group.

The Agile testing solution proposed therein seemed more like 2 sections of testing where in first part a QA team works very closely with Dev team (my interpretation of this was a peer review. Could no where relate to QA activity) then a systems testing phase (where I perceive some testing will be done). But in any case no proof if this proposed development method with tool usage will bring any tangible ROI benefit on the table for the end user against usage of traditional development methods prevalent currently.

All in all event wise technical take away was not as per the expectation that I had from the program.

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