Sunday, May 30, 2010

James Bach has something nice on heuristics posted on his blog titled The Essence of Heuristics.

Very thought provoking simple read......the questions that he asks at the end are that I directly relate to being a good manager

  1. Do they teach you how to tell if it’s working?
    Do they teach you how to tell if it’s going wrong?
    Do they teach you heuristics for stopping?
    Do they teach you heuristics for knowing when to apply it?
    Do they compare it to alternative heuristics?
    Do they show you why it works?
    Do they help you understand when it probably works best?
    Do they help you know how to re-design it, if needed?
    Do they let you own it?
    Do they ask you to practice it?
    Do they tell stories about how it has failed?
    Do they listen to you when you question or challenge it?
    Do they praise you for questioning and challenging it?
Give these questions a good thought and it will help you answer many confusion and unhide many unknown corners during testing.

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Blog Reader said...

Hello Dr.Meeta Prakash

I would like to read your experiences and strategies you device for testing.

Please do write about them.