Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Women in IT ? ....Why not ' Women and IT' ????

Last few days there has been fire on twitter & Blog spaces ....... fiery remarks have been made to individuals and group of people.......is it justified ??
Few links for you to read around the same at Jon Bach's blog http://jonbox.wordpress.com/

I have but one question .....
Why is the world so worried about gender at work ?????
Why is everyone worried about "Women in IT/Agile/Testing /........." ?????????
Why is the focus on "Women in IT" ???

Why can't people think and realize ????

Why are you not emphasising on "Women and IT " ???

In my viewpoint, the later will make more sense for all those kids who are looking for pointers towards decision making.

Role model does not always help to follow blindly.

But a career guidance with what all you can do substantiated with examples of "Women achievers in IT" may help them better to make right choices towards their careers.
I also do not understand how to relate "diversity" and "Women in IT"....... for me "diversity" without a context is meaningless. In professional world diversity is linked to multitude of factors.
In this specific case also it is linked to thought process and individuals capabilities.

I also ask why do you think you should be treated differently ? In the professional environment
1. You do the same work

2. You get paid the same

3. You have similar skills

4. You spend similar amount of time at work

5.You get the same career graph

Thoughts to ponder :
  • What stops me to stand up and voice my thoughts and speak my mind in sync with the work I do ?
                -----My internal fear of rejection / inhibition or my inability or something else
  • Can I not improve my skills as others (men included) ????
              ---------- The opportunities are sitting there, dont I just need a mindset to go and acquire it ?

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