Monday, November 23, 2009

KT Scripting our thinking caps ?

Today Srini sent a tweet


@mheusser What is the deal about Skill Transfer (ST)? It sounds like a data transfer through an USB jump drive !!! In IT we call it as KT


made me think how seriously or casually we take the information gathering .......the sole reason being we do it so often ? or we are bored doing it so often ?

I liked his term "data transfer". It so aptly fits into the mechanical act of sharing information.

The whole building of the "testing castle" lies on this foundation of "KT".

"KT" not only helps us understand the objective to build into test, but also expectations for which tests have to be written.......but indirectly does it "script" our thought process ? ......are we still ready to explore and experiment more exhaustively ? ....... are we thinking more than what is feeded into us ? ......... are we asking sufficient questions beyond what is provided to us as information ? ..................??????

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