Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Interesting title of Web seminar, Practical Testing and Evolution: An Enterprise-wide Automation Framework

not sure on how practical or objective the suggested approach will be. Have seen an earlier framework from them that was nice.

Web seminar by ThoughtWorks test automation experts Jeff Rogers and Kristan Vingrys provide guiding principles for developing long-term automation strategies including what to automate, setting reasonable automation strategies and goals, and how to evolve your test suites over time. .............sounds interesting.
Practical Testing and Evolution: An Enterprise-wide Automation Framework.....Title
Test automation efforts that stumble and die are most often the result of misconceived perceptions of the effort and resources necessary to implement a successful, long-lasting automation framework. ......what's new ?
In this event, you will also learn: ....sounds interesting
  • Automation strategies by product and organizational, enterprise-wide tactics to get your automation efforts to live beyond a single project
  • Driving automation early and having artifacts live on continuously–from genesis through development and beyond support and maintenance
  • Using automation to get quick feedback on the viability of the product

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