Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preview : New Automation Tool - Automation Anywhere

I recently had a chance to preview another automation tool in the market. It is relatively new and not much advertised.
I was impressed. Felt very comfortable navigating through it. It seems to be a combination of HP tools like BPT+ QTP + Sprinter (alias manual runner. Yet to be launched) + Web Testing Tool (Still under development). It has multiple features. They also have feature where the nuances of Object properties can be eliminated. Object properties are one of the biggest pain points of QTP.

I still need to do a PoC to realize the exact benefits this tool has over the ones existing otherwise. The first impression however at the macro level was very impressive.
The website is very easy to navigate and provides on line solution forums & user forums. Has availability to interact with fellow product users and their product team to learn from their experiences.
link to website
freedownloadable trial version of their tools available
check out demo at

From their website and the presentation given, collated the following info -
Automation Anywhere Server
It is an intelligent automation solution allowing users to automate business and IT processes easily, swiftly and intuitively. It centralizes the setup and maintenance of automation tasks, ensuring consistency, eliminating setup time and maintenance effort whether it be a single machine or multiple machines across a division or enterprise. A centralized server console allows for better control and lower costs. Easily edit automated tasks at any workstation, then upload or download the automated task onto multiple locations to seamlessly run automated tasks across users. Unparalleled performance and scalability leads to greater efficiencies in automation.
Automation Anywhere is a no-programming required, intuitive and intelligent software. Powerful, in-built features include
· a SMART Windows recorder,
· SMART Web recorder,
· job scheduling,
· 495+ actions,
· award winning drag and drop task editor,
· a Web data extraction tool,
· Excel integration,
· data transfer wizards, to name a few.

They claim that it is used by everyone, whether they are IT professionals or savvy business users, it is the software of choice for thousands of customers, Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses and individuals across industries, in over 90 countries.

Key Features Includes
ü Workflow Designer
Visually create business and IT process workflows. Flowchart entire processes for better deployment, communication and intra-company documentation
ü Visualize automation
Innovative 'Visualize' technology provides a screenshot visual of every step of an automated process. Storyboard the view of an entire task or capture images on-demand
ü Image recognition
Simulating the human eye, this powerful feature recognizes and captures images on any application screen, allowing for unparalleled automation
ü 3 recorders and editor
Task recorder, Web recorder, Windows Object recorder. Editor with 495+ actions and expert view for advanced users
ü App integrator
No-programming required integration using simple drag and drop. Integrate between any applications
ü User collaboration
Multiple users can upload / download automated tasks

Capabilities of the robust solution are
ü Scalability: add users as needed
ü Seamless information flow
ü Centralized systems: backup, security and resources
ü Save resources, time and cost
ü Better collaboration between employees and divisions
ü Reduce human error on repetitive, time consuming tasks
ü Streamlines setup and maintenance of automation tasks
ü Consistent practices across users
ü Knowledge capture – central repository to easily share/store automated tasks

Solutions Provided

As a testimony to its reliability, power and ease-of-use, Automation Anywhere is used for a variety of tasks, across industries.
1. Provides Ready Solutions for
ü Web automation
ü Windows automation
ü Network automation (LAN/WAN)
ü Excel automation
ü Database automation
ü ERP automation
ü Remote desktop automation

2. Manages Common Tasks like
ü Business process automation
ü IT automation
ü Web data extraction
ü Business intelligence
ü Screen scrape
ü Data integration / Data automation
ü Automated testing
ü Application Integration
ü Job scheduling
ü Batch processing
ü GUI automation
ü Email automation

3. Provides Industry Solutions towards
ü Finance / Insurance / Banking
ü Technology
ü HealthcareGovernment / Education


Lakshminarasimha Manjunatha Mohan said...

Hi Meeta,
Thanks for listing the features. It looks impressive with the features list. Will take look at it myself with the trial version. Also, I will wait for your POC report.


QTP09 said...

I always pray "may god help QTP to be better, day after day..." Automation anywhere can take a time to ruin QTP market.


Meeta Prakash said...

Do share back your experience when you do the trial version run...

John said...

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