Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just thinking ..... on a different note

Was reading something on greats like Plato, Aristotle etc. today. It described about their lives, works and other aspects of their existence. There was so much of mention about how each aspect of their life is understood and interpretation of what proof led to this understanding.

Suddenly a thought came, how will people of this generation be understood few centuries later?
We, in this generation  have moved away so much from paper. We love our small machines and prefer to do most things electronically. We also chat in our local languages using English to represent it.

I actually just do not remember when was it last in recent times since I have started working that I used a proper paper and pen to write something that I really want to represent as my individual thought. Whenever I feel like writing my first choice is type off and so I am sure do many more of us. So are we leaving any footprints for our future generations or just leaving a space for them to re-discover everything all over again.

Huh! something to worry for future?

As I type this post, I also get reminded to think about India's glorious past.
for example -

  • If you read Ramayana, there are instances like the 'vimana' in which Ravan took Sita away and later Ram and Sita returned to Ayodhya in. Was is anything different that modern technology planes or helicopters?
  • Both Ramayana and Mahabharata have so many 'astra's' and 'yantra's' used in war. How different are these from our modern day missiles?
  • 'Muni-Rishi's' just taking some water in their hands from 'kamandals' and creating blessings or curses.
  • 'Narada Muni' travelling across worlds in seconds. Was this not teleporting?
  • 'Trishanku' hanging between stars of 'saptarishi mandal'. Was this not related to managing gravity?
And are we not re-discovering these all over again now coz the world did not have the technology transcripts?

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